Are you wanting to learn how to drive safely and get your full driving?

Who better to do it with than a company that will support you every mile of the way and get you 110% ready for your test!
Now, you may be asking yourself what sets us apart from other driving school, well our promise is that we will ensure you benefit completely from the services that we provide to make you a very safe and confident driver.

We have many bundles which you can purchase and save money at the same time depending on how many hours you’ll need!

You would have the option of starting with a 2 hours consultation session with one of our instructors who will advise you how many hours you need, nothing more and nothing less.

From there on, you can decide whether to go with one of our amazing packages with the choice of including your 2 hours consultation session or to simply pay as you go!

Proving Your Entitlement To Drive

Endorsements, penalty points and driving bans are only accessible online, so to abide to the insurance policies, before your first driving lesson your Instructor is required to check your full licence details to see if you’re allowed to drive as well as checking penalty points and disqualifications.
The consequences for not checking the above are very serious.

We would request our students to carry out the following steps:

A code will be needed for our driving instructor to check your license, you can obtain this by going onto this approved website and following the instructions below:

  • Enter your driving licence number, national insurance number and postcode as shown on your driving licence.
  • Select “share licence information”. This would generate a code that can only be used once and would expire after 21 days.
  • Give the code to your Instructor together with the last eight digits of your driving licence number. Please remember that the code is case sensitive so ensure that it is sent exactly as it is written.

Your instructor would perform this check in advance of your first driving lesson and may take a screenshot for their reference. It is also imperative that you have your driving license with you in your first lesson as your instructor will inspect this. Failure to produce the licence may result with your instructor to cancel the lesson and still charge you.

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